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Kelly currently provides daily aerial silk classes/private sessions for the popular demand of people wanting to learn Aerial Silks. She teaches a wide variety of classes for all levels and abilities, such as aerial silks for beginners, intermediates and advanced.   This also includes funfilled aerial conditioning and flexibility classes at her studio in Andover, Hampshire.  Kelly also teaches unique aerial silk and flexibility workshops and is available for bookings at your studio!

Kelly has taught aerial silk workshops worldwide, including an intermediate workshop in Auckland, New Zealand.

With little to no background or experience in gymnastics or anything suchlike, Kelly started her aerial circus arts and fitness career at the age of 21. She began training in pole fitness for over 4 years and it was here she gained her confidence, strength and curiosity to venture on to new disciplines.

In 2010 Kelly studied various different circus arts including trapeze (static and flying), corde lisse (rope), aerial hoop and aerial silks. She visited circus schools throughout the UK to advance her skills and it was here she found the love for circus arts and in particular, Aerial Silks.

Alongside her training, Kelly gained her studio fitness and Instructor qualifications/certifications and practised for hours on end. She also embraces the beauty of contortion and flexibility to which she regularly practices in her own training.

Kelly Horne Aerial Silks was founded in 2011.  Starting out with just one set of silks in a small, low studio, with a 1:1 student: instructor ratio.  Kelly Horne Aerial Silks now has 2-3 full classes on every evening of the week with a student: instructor ratio of 6:1.

Kelly has also created her own syllabuses for each individual student which start from beginner and work all the way up to advanced.

Kelly also has another Instructor, Lisa, who teaches some of these daily classes.  Kelly and Lisa spend each week thriving to be better.  They spend their time training, adding to the syllabuses, creating and learning.

All of Kelly’s students receive fun and engaging sessions.  All classes are delivered by a team of passionate & enthusiastic fully insured Instructors.



For more details and prices or request Kelly’s CV regarding booking her to perform at your event, such as a corporate event, Christmas party, gala ball, charity event, festival,  award ceremony, wedding, or any other event, please submit your email address and your message/questions below.


Classes / Workshops

Aerial Silks is a phenomenal way to get fit and have fun! To book an aerial silk taster session, class, or workshop, or for more details on class times, dates & prices, please submit your email address, telephone number and your message/questions below.


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